Projects: Factories



Genetech: lifelines on Kliplok roof

Lonza 2: lifelines on Kliplok roof and kalzip roof

Schering Plough: spider systems on roofs and rope access works

Dupont: lifelines on Kliplok roof

Roche : 2 roofs : lifelines on Kliplok roof

Alcon : 5 roofs equipped with lifelines on kliplok roof

Givaudon :Lifeline on parapet wall

Halliburton Phases I & II :roof lifeline on Kliplok

Tiger brewery : roof fall arrest system

MSD Janumet : Roof fall arrest

Nagase : Overhang lifeline and davits arms

3M : Roof Lifeline

Novartis – Cibavision : Concrete Roof fall arrest

Hyflux – Waste to Energy Plant : lifelines on Kliplok roof

17 & 19 Tuas Avenue: Lifeline on Kliplok roof

Alcon: Lifeline



Exxon Mobil : Roof fall arrest

Lanxess : Fall arrest on 3 roofs Thyssen profile

Lanxess II : Fall arrest on roofs Thyssen profile

BTR Singapore : Fall arrest system on locked seam roof

Oil tanking: design, installation of overhang systems with retractable blocks

Genesis : Roof fall arrest

Nestle: Safety track for truck loading

IMF Senoko: Temporary lifelines

Caterpillar: Lifelines on Kliplok roof

Substation : Lifelines

Amgen API : Roof lifeline

Sakra Jurong Island: walkway, guardrail and fall arrest system

Afton: overhang lifeline

Katoen Natie: Lifeline, Cage ladder

Pacific Light: Lifeline

NatSteel Factory: Anchorage point, overhang lifeline, lifeline

NTUC Fresh Food Distribution Centre: Davit arms, anchorage point

SBS Comfort Delgro: Overhang lifeline, retractable fall arrester

Givaudan: Gondola sockets and davits arms, Anchor points for abseilings..

Fedex: Catwalk plus lifeline integrated clamped onto roof

GSE factory : roof fall arrest

MHE Demag factory : roof lifeline for solar panel maintenance

Jurong Island Desalination Project: Roof lifeline

Senoko Waste to Energy Plant: Roof lifeline

540 Airport Road: Ladder



Special overhang lifelines for aeronautic hangar, Lifeline on metal roof

ST Aerospace Seletar

Roof Lifelines on 3 Hangars at Seletar base

Inside Overhang lifeline and retractable blocs for the plane maintenance

Inside Overhang lifeline and retractable blocs for existing hangar “H1” and new hangar “H3”

ST Aerospace Paya Lebar

Anchors and retractable blocs at Paya Lebar base

Overhang lifeline at Paya Lebar hangar

ST Aerospace Changi Hangar

Overhang Lifeline and retractable blocs at Changi North Wat

SIA Changi

Roof Lifelines on new Hangar

PRATT & Whitney – Viking

Roof Lifelines on Hangars at Seletar base

Inside lifeline

PRATT & Whitney – Viking phase II

Roof Lifelines on Hangars at Seletar base


Abseiling rail – Abseiling anchors and lifeline systems

Gondola tracks and davits systems

Defence Science And Technology Agency (DSTA)

Changi Airbase West: Overhang lifeline

Sembawang Airbase: Overhang lifeline

Tengah Airbase: Overhang lifeline

Changi East: Lifeline on Metal Roof

Gombak Drive: BMU System, Lifeline