Regulations, Codes of Practice, Standards and Manufacturers recommendations require that all height safety equipment and PPE must be inspected by a competent person at least once a year.

Regular Inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure that each part of the system is in good working condition and can extend its service life.

Companies are legally required to provide a safe working environment, which means that once a fall arrest system has been installed, it should be inspected and maintained regularly at least once a year, to ensure it is safe to use at all times and manufacturer’s warranties are upheld. ┬áIf an accident does occur and the equipment is found to be faulty and or not certified, then you could find yourself accountable.

Akrobat Pte Ltd has a dedicated Inspection & Maintenance Department that helps you manage both aspects by providing:

  1. Nationwide and off-shore inspection & testing
  2. Comprehensive & detailed reporting on the current conditions of your system and equipment
  3. Inspection & Re-certification of your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  4. Preventive maintenance
  5. Repair for damaged items and/or replacement
  6. Signage and timely reminder service


Horizontal Lifeline (Flexible)

Rail System

Vertical Lifeline

Anchorage Points

Personal Protective Equipment



Fixed Ladder Testing & Compliance

Davit Arms

Fall Protection Safety Nets

Gondola Tracks

Abseil Systems

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