This rail is a European product complying with the European standard EN 795:2012 class D. It can be used on both abseiling and fall arrest functions. It is made from anodized aluminum alloy (Al Mg Si 0.5) that is capable of withstanding a marine environment. Also, this anodized treatment prevents electrolytic corrosion between the steel structure and the rail.

Its small rectangular shape of 31 by 31 mm make it very aesthetic and allows to be installed on ground, wall, ceiling configuration as well at any position (Horizontal, Vertical, Incline…) and any direction. . A variety of 6 trolleys makes this rail highly versatile, with unique fixtures such as opening or locking trolleys that make it a perfect product for abseiling applications.


This versatile fall arrest rail system can be used on all type of roofs (industrial, residential or commercial) on any shape and on any supports (metal, glasses).Another advantage of this very aesthetic system is that it can be colored to match the façade or the structure.

Maximum span of 3m to 5m between two brackets with 2 people max on a same span.


Another advantage of our rail is that it can be used as a vertical fall arrester. Hence, when installed on an existing ladder it allows the worker to climb safely and even more safely than any other vertical lifeline thanks to its curve on top: the worker can keep attached up to when he stands on the top platform.


It can be mounted in an overhead configuration for industrial areas that have a low fall clearance or that need a perfect traveling of the SRL (Self Retractable Lifleline).

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