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Compliant Fall Protection Equipment and Solutions in Singapore

Akrobat Pte Ltd has grown to become one of the leading innovative specialists in fall arrest and rope access systems in Singapore and more. Whether it is temporary protection, or a permanent fall arrest system that is custom designed for your site, Akrobat aims to provide you with the best solution.

Having participated in more than 600 projects in Singapore, our expertise in providing comprehensive and stress-free turnkey solutions spans across a wide range of industries. When involved in a project, we provide everything from design-engineering up to installation and inspection services. Besides our operations as a fall arrest and safety systems designer and implementer, we provide a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required when working at height.

What Type of Fall Protection Equipment and System Do I Need?

A fall arrest system, in general, utilises protection equipment such as a retractable fall arrester or one on a rigid or flexible anchor line. Despite the various equipment and solutions, the right and practical one would suffice in ensuring protection against from vertical drops.

Our team of specialists understands the protection needs against hazards faced by construction site workers who are exposed to drops from a height. Akrobat thus aims to provide comprehensive plans for our clients’ workplace.

Contact Us for Fall Arresters and Protection Plans

Akrobat prides itself on bringing innovative, robust, and cost-effective safety solutions including temporary, or permanent fall arrest systems, safety rails, and access, and PPE. We aim to improve safety by providing practical engineering solutions that will be easily implemented and used by your workers. It is our mission to contribute to saving the lives of people facing the hazards of working at height.

As experienced height safety specialists, we will survey your site and assess your main hazardous sites. We will then conceive and design the best safety solutions to reduce the risk of falling. Our specialists will then implement the plan along with a full range of complementary PPE.

Reach out to us at +65 6744 4235 or email us at today to find out the best height safety solutions for your employees and worksite.