Projects: Rope Access Works

Adventure Park: secure rail system for children
Golf driving ranges: net installation, Aircraft beacon, pulleys installation.
Singapore Flyer: laser installation
Mount Faber Tower: Christmas lightning
Alexandra Park: silicon application
HDB Serangoon: exterior painting
HDB woodlands: exterior painting
Salvation Army: exterior painting
Civil Defence: demonstration of rescue equipment
Suntec City: installation of outdoor advertising banner
Gombak military Camps: cleaning of windows and painting exterior wall
I.S.S: roof anchorages and wall cleaning in rope access system (Schering Plough)
Abbott International: wall cleaning in rope access system, steel installation, structures…
Pfizer: wall cleaning in rope access system, lifeline installation, join survey defects
National Museum Singapore: replacement of spot lights
Frasers Alexandra: cleaning & sealant jobs
Jurong Island: plumber works on oil tanks
Clementi shopping center: leakage inspection, sealant works, change of cladding
ITE west college: cleaning of the roof membrane, inspection of roof membrane anchoring points, replacement of cladding
Granges road high rise condominium: LED lights installation
OUB tower: installation of anchors, cleaning, installation of LED..
DB building ;
Changi biz plot: installation of sprinklers
Safety consultancy and assistance for events :
– NDP: consultancy/ inspection of aerialist
– Rope climbing at MBS: consultancy, rope supplier, rescue assistance during the event
– Electric canvas: temporary lifeline installation and safety assistance during the installation…