It is a legal requirement for all fall arrest systems and personal protective equipment’s in accordance with the recommendations of Workplace Safety & Health Guidelines and Singapore Standards 570:2011, to undergo periodic inspection by a competent person to certify that they remain compliant and safe to use.

Akrobat Pte Ltd have a dedicated inspection and maintenance department that provides maintenance, inspection, certification and repair for your fall protection equipment/system.

All Akrobat Pte Ltd conducting inspections are competent persons in fall protection and are manufacturer certified by Fallprotec, Somain, Neofeu, DBI/Sala, and for all other equipment’s we carry.

We perform numerous inspections on fall protection equipment every year, both in our facilities and through our customers’ locations.

Akrobat Pte Ltd maintains a comprehensive database of all installation and previous inspections.

Our system will automatically notify our clients two months prior to the annual inspection date therefore reducing client’s liability.

Once you have arranged the inspection with us, We will provide:

  • All inspection carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and all statutory requirements.
  •  Identification system tagging for your height safety system
  •  Equipment disposal
  •  Comprehensive & detailed reports on current condition of equipment’s/systems inspected
  •  Issuance of one year of certificate of inspection.

Inspection & Maintenance of the following:

As per WSH Guidelines, prior to using anchor devices or systems, they shall be inspected and checked manually in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction for use.

Each anchor device and anchor system shall be fully examined at least once every year, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, by a competent person authorised by the manufacturer.

A test must be carried out on all the anchorage points using state of the art equipment such as pull testers and load testers.

Installing fall arrest system in your workplace is a great step towards keeping your employees working at heights safe from fall hazards.

However, along with proper training of your fall arrest system, you must conduct an inspection minimum once every 12 months.

As per Singapore Standards SS 570:2011, annual inspection should be conducted by a competent person authorised by manufacturer.

The main purpose and objective of annual lifeline inspections is to make sure lifeline systems are fit for use, that all the components are intact and should a fall occur the fall safety equipment performs as intended, keeping your workers safe.

To ensure safe, efficient operation, the fall arresters must be inspected minimum once every 12 months by a competent person other than the user.

More frequent inspections by a competent person maybe required based on the nature and severity of workplace conditions affecting the equipment and the modes of use and exposure time of the equipment.

After any fall, the fall arresters should be removed from service and returned to an authorised service centre for inspection and repair

Personal protective equipment’s such as harness, lanyard and it components deteriorates with use and exposure over time, regardless of brand or manufacturer.

Akrobat Pte Ltd will perform the inspection in accordance with the Singapore Standards/legislation and the manufacturer’s.

Results should be recorded in the formal inspection log.