AKROBAT Rope Access Services 

Rope access system is a safe method of working at height where ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access remote locations that require cleaning, inspection, maintenance or repair. The techniques used in rope access have been developed from climbing and caving with industrial applications being integrated to ensure a higher level of safety & industry compliance.

The advantage of using rope access methods mainly lies in the safety and speed with which technicians can get to or from difficult locations and then carry out their job often with minimal impact on other operations and the nearby area.

Another major benefit is that the combination of the total man-hours and the level of risk for a particular task (man-at-risk hours) is often reduced when compared with other means of access and their associated risks and costs.

Establishing safe and inexpensive access to areas previously considered inaccessible or costly with traditional systems, rope access operatives can  effectively carry out any number of required operations.

Our capabilities and experience include:


What work is undertaken with rope access?

The following are the main areas in which rope access is applied:

Confined Space Entry – Tanks, pressure vessels, chimneys, storage silos etc

High Rise Structures – Buildings, telecom masts.

High Rise Natural Features – Cliffs, embankments, trees etc

Infrastructure – Bridges, oil rigs, oil platforms, FPSOs, pipelines, etc

Within these areas rope access can be used to carry out a wide range of work tasks:

Electrical and Lighting – Installation, wiring

Engineering – Welding, plating and burning, mechanical, steel erecting and rigging, demolition and decommissioning.

Geotechnical – Surveys and inspection, rock scaling, rock bolting and meshing.

Inspection – CCTV, NDT, video and photographic surveys.

Maintenance Services – Repairs, cleaning, glazing, painting and coating, fireproofing.